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Mistakes that are destroying your financial life

Becoming financially independent and creating wealth is a dream of many. Managing your finances well is an integral part of achieving this goal. However, it is not just about what you are doing right that will eventually get you there but also about things that you aren’t doing right that may be draining your money.  […]

What investment mistakes are you making?

Investment is one of the most sure-shot ways of making your money work for you. It is an integral part of wealth creation and everyone learns the importance of investing money in the right assets sooner or later. However, if you are not well-versed with this popular money-making method then might end up committing mistakes […]

Money Management Systems that Work for Everyone

Creating and following a money management system is the first step you take to improve your finances. A money management system is basically a structure you follow that helps you with your budgeting, savings plan strategy, and investment strategy.  While it may take you some time to identify what works best for you, below we […]

Introduction to Investing

Investing your money is the most common way of growing your wealth in the long run. Investing is different than savings in the sense that you are keeping your money away in schemes that usually come in with a lock-in period of a few years and guarantee you a rate of interest on your money. […]

5 strategies to start making money with investing

Most people step into the world of investing with the aim of making enough money to support their retirement plans. Some of you are here to fund your child’s college education or meet the ever-growing expenses of your family.  Making money with investing requires thorough research of the stocks or investment plan that you are […]

To be Parents: Finances to take care of before your child is born

Congratulations on the new addition to your family that you are about to have. The birth of a child is a heart-warming occasion and mothers start preparing for it by arranging baby supplies and that cute nursery. However, it can quickly become stressful if you don’t have your finances in order before and after the […]

Understanding Financial Well-Being

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau includes the following aspects as indicators of financial well-being.  You are capable of dealing with unexpected expenditures with your financial cushion. Your daily and monthly finances are under your control. Your personal financial goals are within your reach. Your finances facilitate you to enjoy your life by leaving room for your […]

Creating a domestic budget that works

Planning a budget appears to be the boring grown up thing to do once you start getting your own income that would restrict you from buying everything on your list of desires. However, it is your ticket to financial happiness and your roadmap to achieving personal financial goals.  Not every budget you make will work […]

Common mistakes people make when budgeting

Many people perceive budgeting as a way of depriving themselves of their wants and only providing for their needs. However, a budget is a simple tool that allows you to reach your financial goals by simply allowing you to spend your money on a piece of paper before spending it in cash.  A detailed budget […]

Why does the domestic budget fail

You decided that further development of the project is impossible without search engine promotion. We found a specialist, provided him with access…

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